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Animation is Fun!

Animation is a fun, flexible and effective medium to explain concepts, educate and entertain your audience. Explore our films and portfolio of award-winning, hand-crafted animation and motion graphics work.

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Animation Design

Animation is a versatile medium, and can make commercial videos as entertaining and memorable as a great cartoon. Our corporate and creative clients – including Apple, AOL, and Microsoft – love the way hand-crafted animation brings their story to life.

Mad Bird Design has contributed award-winning animation, visual effects and motion graphics to feature and short films, marketing and corporate videos. Artist Patrick Neary combines the tools of traditional illustration, drawing and painting with state-of-the-art motion graphics software. His rich visual style and technical skill is showcased in several animated short films, which have played film festivals worldwide and racked up tens of thousands of views online.

No Flash or clip art here, but you’ll find original design in a variety of 2D and 3D animation techniques: hand-drawn illustration in whiteboard and full color styles, hand-crafted set design, painted backgrounds, and stop motion characters. We deliver short animated components, post-production compositing, or end-to-end production.

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Stop Motion • 2D and 3D Animation • Motion Graphics
Animation still frames & concept art
Many times, we’ve benefitted from the ridiculously awesome services of Mad Bird–most recently, the terrific motion design work of Patrick Neary at his boutique new Studio MadBird. But MadBird’s ranginess extends to high end cinematography (Neary’s been known to shoot features with a SteadyCam while riding backwards on a Segway), award-winning still photography, and many different kinds of animation. When you’re talking to MadBird, you’re talking to complete filmmakers. Did I mention they’re very sweet people? Because that’s a thing.
Scott Finley, Mighty Media Studios
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