Electric Vehicle Display

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Project Description

Display Design

This 8-foot bamboo banner stand display first appeared at a national Nissan LEAF test-drive event held at SolarWorld’s US headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon. The banner features highlights of Hillsboro’s successful sustainability program, is printed on eco-friendly bamboo, and manufactured locally with an environmentally responsible process.

Michele has helped Hillsboro successfully brand its new sustainability program, and created a number of high quality, effective tools to educate City employees and constituents. Creative projects include producing an animated video for a nationwide contest, designing graphics and illustrations, decals for the City’s fleet of electric vehicles, posters and display boards, brochures, reports, and custom promotional items.

“I got more very positive feedback on the display at the event from a Nissan rep and marketing person working the event. It really stands out and looks great there. Thanks again for your great work – it is helping us shine!”
Peter Brandom, City of Hillsboro Sustainability Program
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