Portland Film Festival Premiere

Portland Film Festival
Just Like It Used To Be

Patrick Neary’s new animated short film will be having its premiere right here in Portland, at the Portland Film Festival – #PDXFF16 – running August 29-September 5.

“Just Like it Used to Be” is a stop motion music video inspired by an upcoming release from Swansea. The film is a rhythmic allegory of a diseased relationship, alluding to a lover lost to addiction and the struggle to pull them back.

In a departure from Patrick Neary’s earlier short films, “Just Like It Used to Be” uses compelling, shadowy imagery to touch on themes of loneliness, separation and loss. The film incorporates a dark, decayed aesthetic in set and character design, and a muted, nearly black and white color palette. The stop motion sets and characters were hand-made and incorporated found objects, and shot in our studio over a period of several months.


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