Project Description

Beaverton Community Vision Plan

The Beaverton Community Vision Action Plan is the culmination of an award-winning city-wide planning process to develop a roadmap for the future of Beaverton. The 20-page full-color book design incorporates location photography and illustrations of the Vision’s goals to build community, create a vibrant downtown, improve mobility, provide high quality public services, and enhance livability.

Beaverton Community Vision received the Public Involvement Project of the Year award from the International Association for Public Participation Cascades Chapter, and an Award of Excellence in Community Visioning from the City-County Communications and Marketing Association.

94% of the actions from this original 2010 plan are implemented, ongoing, or underway. The Vision document was recently updated, following a public outreach process to renew the vision.

“You are really nailing the whole look I was going for. I could not be more pleased. FANTASTIC.”
Holly Thompson, City of Beaverton Strategic Initiatives and Communications Manager