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Beaverton Community Vision Plan

Beaverton Community Vision Plan 2017-06-02T06:36:06+00:00

Project Description

Beaverton Community Vision Plan

The successful Beaverton Community Vision Plan has published its first 5-year update with a colorful 36-page book to renew the original 2010 Action Plan. The fresh design reflects the city’s brand and incorporates photography to illustrate Beaverton’s success stories.

To renew the plan, the Visioning Advisory Committee involved even more people than the original visioning process — reaching 5,751 people and collecting 7,722 community ideas. The plan describes the community’s goals to build community, deliver quality public services, improve mobility, create a vibrant downtown, and enhance livability.

“Thanks for helping Beaverton turn out a beautiful document in time for City Council approval. Excellent work, and quick too!”
Jason Robertson, J Robertson & Co., lead consultant